a werewolf tale. fast update

A werewolf tale is growing. The code can now handle something like 90 enemies at the same time on the screen with no slow down. That means this game will be really really hard to beat and really full of enemies to beat...

I'm now working on a pixel perfect collision detection to enhance the beat'em up component of the game. Now the player is able to walk on any wall, punch, dash, create a barrier, jump and punch the floor to create a sonic wave that blocks enemies.

The energy meter works properly, and the chaining system with his own timer is already done.

Now i need to draw a lot of levels and create them with the idea in mind that a perfect gameplay will lead to a never interrupted chain score multiplayer.
I'm also working on some improvements on enemy's AI.


A lot of people have download HOLY HELL, thanks a lot guys. let me know what you think about it!

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