*** NEW!! ***

Hi, this is my new piece of work. Created in a couple of weeks for neoflash compo 2013 it features 4 AREA with 7 levels each.
The game isn't hard to explain: you are a pig and you got to find the exit door for each level.
Levels are full of animals that aren't properly happy to have you around and they'll try to kick your ass in any way.
Fortunately the ghost of your granpa-pig has given you an amazing gravity gun that transform anything into light bubbles. This gravity gun require coins to work, so it's quite expensive to have one, but at least someone has filled the levels with coins... so you just need to grab them and charge your gun.


D-PAD: - move your character around the screen
A - jump. HINT:You can jump in any moment, even if your falling. Keep in mind this thing when you think you're going to die.
B - use your gravity gun. Hit enemies to transform them into bubbles. The big they are, more gun-charge they require.


Small enemies value is 10pts
Medium enemies value is 20pts
Big enemies value is 50pts

This values got to be multiply by the number of objects you're carrying.
For example,if you collect 5 enemies in this order: 2x10pts 1x50pts and 2x20pts, your score will be:

1x10 + 2x10 + 3x50 + 4x20 + 5x20 = 360pts

The more objects you carry, the higher your score rise.
If you die all the bubbles get lost and so your score multiplier.


This is a complete walktrough of the first area of the game:




  1. Amazing Game <3 i loved it i checked many more games like this from this GBA games list

  2. thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it. sorry for the late reply, but i'm not following very much this blog lately...