some news

My eternal search for empty gba cards seems to have reached an end. I mean, MAYBE i've found some cards and MAYBE i'll be finally able to print some cards for holy hell.
I'll contact the guys who ask me for cards if all will be ok.

a werewolf tale is getting bigger and bigger, 3 areas of the castle are already done and almost fully functional. A lot of new backgrounds and enemies with different behaviour are ready. I'm adding a sort of risk meter to enhance the use of the "defense" button. It will result in a "deep risk - high reward" kind of gameplay.
ya know, i love bangai-o… :D

last but not least i remember you that you can download the nintendomax award winner "Waimanu Daring Slide" from disjointed studio for free and play it on your Nintendo ds.
I created the graphics and the pengo gameplay is really addictive.

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