After some weeks of hard work to fix a great amount of bugs hidden around, now A Werewolf Tale features a lot of improvements:

- Storm power up [kill all the enemies that stand above the player]
- Earthquake power up [Stun all the enemies on screen for few seconds - remove all metal bars around the area]
- Wolfwave power up [kill all the enemies that are around the player - reflect all the bullets on that area]
- Multiple Jump power up[it allows you to change direction during your jump]
- Lift & throw [lift an enemy and throw back at his fellows]
- Magic portal [teleport you to another portal around the castle]

- 4 different levels of difficulty [easy - normal - hard - maniac]
- Autosave function [scores, best times, inventory]
- Improved A.I[now baddies will follow you at any cost]
- homing bullets, bouncing bullets, straight bullets... 

Now i'm going to put myself completely into coding boss fights. Some few cutscenes and then i'll release the final version of the game. 
Is it interesting enough?

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