Some pigs around there...

I were quite full of doubt when i started working on A werewolf tale.
Mainly 'cause i didn't know where to put inside a Dracula-themed game my beloved pigs.
I mean, i love pigs, and as a matter of fact i'm always drawing pigs if i have a pen and a white foil.
Lastly i've received some kind of epiphany: Why don't use a pig as character without any appareant reason?
The answer is, of course: "why not?".
So…if you'll be good enough to find out where the pig is imprisoned, you'll be able to select it from the beginning of the game and use him instead of the werewolf. It's slower but stronger, and start out with different power ups than the werewolf. But perhaps it's not the only prisoner…

Also i've updated the scoring system, if your chain is higher than 10 any enemy will drop golden ingots that has a range value between 5pt and 100pt.
If your chain is over 100ch the counter stop depleting and stay charged until you'll be hitted or you'll unleash one of your magics.

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